Final Meeting

Seville (Spain) Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Venue of the meeting: Hotel EXE Sevilla Macarena.

9.00 ━ 9.30 h


Mr. Regional Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines. Junta de Andalucía. Jorge Paradela.

Session I. Interregional Cooperación and energy poverty
09.30 ━ 9.50 h

Interregional Cooperation among regions at the Interreg Europe Programme. Opportunities for regions and main projects results. Camille Milloir. Joint Secretariat, Interreg Europe Programme.

9.50 ━ 10.10 h

The Energy Poverty landscape in Europe. Laurie Waller. University of Manchester

10.10 ━ 10.30 h

POWERTY project. Working with regions and stakeholders to combat energy poverty through renewable energies. Joaquin Villar. Andalusian Energy Agency.

Session II. Presentation of Results of the POWERTY project
10.30 ━ 11.00 h

New financing mechanisms that involve both public and private capital, simplifying and improving of of society’s accessibility to these new schemes.

Case study: Lithuania. Development and implementation of financial instruments. Renata Adomaviciene. Development and Public Investment Agency (VIPA).

11.00 ━ 11.30 h

Coffee break.

11.30 ━ 12.00 h

Key renewable energy technologies, tools and methods that are best adapted to the vulnerable groups to improve their quality of life.

Case study: Bulgaria. Pilot Roof PV Installations and Energy Storage Systems in Plovdiv Social Buildings. Angelina Tomova. Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP).

12.00 ━ 12.30 h

Empowering citizens and local authorities.

Case study: France. Energy Citizen Communities as new energy operators to help vulnerable households. Noémie Zambeaux. Environment and Energy Agency of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region (AURA-EE).

12.30 ━ 13.00 h

Normative and regulatory opportunities related with renewable energies and vulnerable groups in situations of energy poverty.

Case study: Andalusia. Legal Guide for the development of energy communities in vulnerable areas. Joaquin Villar. Andalusian Energy Agency.

Session III. Energy communities and energy poverty
13.00 ━ 13.30 h

Energy communities in the European panorama. Andreas Tuerk. Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft MBH.

13.30 ━ 15.00 h

Working lunch. Networking.

15.00 ━ 16.00 h

Round table 1. Energy communities as part of the solution to energy poverty. Needs and obstacles.

Participating entities:
Universidad de Sevilla.
Auvergiene Rhone Alpes.

16.00 ━ 17:00 h

Round table 2. Empowering citizens through energy communities. From theory to practice. Pilot cases. Pilot cases.

Participating entities:
Fundación acciona.org.
Diecisiete Coop.
Asociación Torreblanca Ilumina.
Energy Agency of Plovdiv.

17.00 ━ 17.30 h

Closing session.